What makes us different

Our aim is to assist you with simplicity and transparency — from initial consultation to dignified burial.

Real fixed prices with no hidden costs

Many funeral homes work with intransparent cost models. Various additional items are often added to the base price later on, for example for a coffin or urn or for cremation during cremation. This makes a transparent overview difficult for relatives.

It's different with us: We strive for full cost transparency and real fixed prices.

Memovida transparent prices

What makes us different in practice?

Our fixed prices include all costs except for the place of burial. You can be assured that there will be no additional costs.

Services and products included in the price

Many other funeral homes

Core services
This typically includes counseling, caring for the deceased and all formalities
Transfer at any time of day or night
There are often night or public holiday surcharges
Partial surcharges after a few days
Costs are often billed separately
Coffin and/or urn
Place and form of burial
See below for more details

Why is the burial location not included?

These costs vary from cemetery to cemetery and between the various forms of burial, such as burial, cremation, Tree burial or Burial at sea. That is why we will discuss this cost factor with you individually and find the best solution for your desired burial location or type of funeral.

We will advise you personally

With simplicity and transparency, we are at your side during the difficult time of grief. Together, we will design a funeral that meets your wishes and the needs of your deceased. You can find out more about us here.

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Transparency enables simplicity

We are convinced that this transparency is the key to true simplicity. If you know exactly what to expect and what costs you can expect from the start, you don't have to worry about that anymore. You can let go and fully engage in the farewell process.

That is why we have made our prices clear and understandable. At any time, you can see exactly what is included in our fixed price and what services you receive in return. This is how we create trust and security at a time when this is particularly important.

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Memovida transparency promise

Our promise to you

With our commitment to simplicity through transparency, we want to set a new standard in funeral culture. Our promise to you is:

  • As a person with your grief, the focus is on you — not formalities or costs
  • As part of our holistic service, we relieve you of all organizational tasks
  • We talk openly about all costs involved in advance and keep our promises
  • You will receive a coherent overall concept for the last farewell at a fair fixed price
  • We support you step by step on the journey of grief — empathetic, reliable and transparent