Tree burial: Eternal rest under the tree of life

Tree burial is a natural burial in which ashes are buried at the roots of a tree. Ideal for people who want a resting place in nature.

The process of a tree burial

Preparation and transfer:
From carefully preparing the ashes to choosing the right tree, we take care of all aspects of tree burial. We will help you choose a tree in a designated funeral forest or in private land, depending on local regulations and your personal choice.”

The funeral:
The ashes are buried directly at the foot of a tree, which serves as a living monument. This ceremony can be organized in immediate family or as a public event, depending on the wishes of the deceased or relatives.

Keepsake maintenance:
A tree as a burial site grows over time and symbolizes the continued existence of the deceased in nature. We provide ongoing care and protection for the tree to ensure that the memory of the loved one is preserved.

Benefits of tree burial:

  • Closeness to nature: Offers an environmentally friendly burial option that returns ash to the soil and supports the natural ecosystem.
  • Growing keepsake: The tree becomes a living symbol of life, which continues to exist and grow.
  • Personal connection: Enables a deep, personal connection to the place of last rest, which can be visited and maintained.

Questions & answers

Can we choose the tree ourselves?
Yes, we offer a selection of different tree species and locations. You can choose the tree that best suits the wishes and character of the deceased.
What happens if the tree is damaged or dies?
We are taking precautionary measures to protect the health of the tree. Should the tree still be damaged or die, we offer options for a replacement plant.
Is tree burial allowed everywhere in Germany?
The regulations for tree burials vary by state and local regulations. We would be happy to advise you on legal options in your region.

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