Earth burial: A timeless tradition

Earth burial is a traditional and significant way of saying farewell. We will accompany you on this journey with respect and care.

The process of an earth burial

Preparation and transfer:
After the loss of a loved one, we take care of the careful preparation and transfer to the chosen cemetery. Our team is at your side to work with you to complete all necessary formalities.

The choice of the casket:
We offer a wide variety of casket models, from traditional to modern designs. Each coffin is carefully selected to honor the deceased's personality and meet the wishes of the family.

The funeral service:
The funeral service provides a personal setting to say goodbye and honor the life of the deceased. Whether in a church, a chapel or at the grave — we will work with you to create a dignified ceremony that will honor the memory of your loved one.

The funeral:
The funeral will take place after the funeral service. We will accompany you and your family to the grave, where the coffin finds its final resting place. This moment offers an opportunity to remember and say goodbye in silence.

Benefits of burial:

  • Consistency and tradition: Burial stands for permanence and offers a permanent place of remembrance.
  • Individual design options: From coffin to grave design — every decision can be made individually to add a personal touch.
  • Natural resting place: The earth as a final resting place symbolizes a return to nature and can provide comfort.

Questions & answers

Can we choose the grave site ourselves?
Yes, we will help you choose a suitable grave site that meets your wishes and represents a worthy place of remembrance.
How long has a grave been available?
Rest periods vary depending on the cemetery and type of grave. We would be happy to inform you about local regulations and options for an extension.
Is it possible to personalize the grave?
Of course. The design of the grave offers space for individual wishes, from the selection of tombstones to the plants.

We are here for you

The decision for a funeral is a very personal choice that offers many options for an individual and dignified farewell. At Memovida, we are at your side with our experience and compassion to shape this journey according to your wishes and ideas. Contact us to find out more and how we can help you during this difficult time.

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