Urn burial: A dignified alternative

More and more people are opting for cremations. They offer many design options and fulfill the wish for a personal farewell.

The process of an urn burial

Preparation and transfer:
After the death has occurred, we take care of the transfer of the deceased and take all formal steps to prepare for the cremation. Our experienced funeral professionals are on hand to collect the necessary documents and organize the cremation in accordance with your wishes and legal requirements.

The cremation:
Cremation takes place in a special crematorium in compliance with all legal and ethical guidelines. You have the opportunity to attend a farewell ceremony in the crematorium, where you can say your last words, play music or simply remember in silence.

Urn selection:
We offer a wide selection of urns made from a variety of materials and designs, from traditional to modern, that reflect the deceased's personality and provide a dignified final resting place. Our advice will help you find an urn that honors the character of your loved one and preserves your memories.

The funeral:
After cremation, we will advise you on the various types of burial, whether in an urn grave, in an urn wall (columbarium) or in a natural burial. Each form of burial provides a personal setting for remembrance, whether in a cemetery, a memorial park or in a very personal location.

Benefits of cremation

  • Flexibility in arranging farewell and burial: Cremation allows you to freely choose the place and time of burial, which can be particularly important for families who have to come together over longer distances.
  • Possibility to store or scatter the ashes in a place with personal significance: Many families choose places that have played a special role for the deceased during his life to scatter or bury the ashes.
  • More environmentally friendly alternative due to reduced space requirements and the possibility of a near-natural burial: Compared to traditional burials, cremations require less space and the ashes can be buried in a way that is less harmful to the environment.

Questions & answers

Can you say goodbye before the urn burial?
Yes, it is possible to lay out the deceased in order to say farewell in a dignified setting. This can take place either in our premises or in the crematorium itself, depending on your wishes and local options.
What happens to the ashes after cremation?
The ashes will be buried in the urn you have selected. The type of burial can be arranged individually, from burial in a cemetery to burial at sea or scattering in a special location. We support you in implementing your wishes.
Are personal items allowed in the coffin?
Personal items can be placed in the coffin as long as they comply with the crematorium guidelines. It is a nice opportunity to give the deceased something meaningful along the way. We would be happy to advise you on the options.

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The decision for a funeral is a very personal choice that offers many options for an individual and dignified farewell. At Memovida, we are at your side with our experience and compassion to shape this journey according to your wishes and ideas. Contact us to find out more and how we can help you during this difficult time.

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